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It took you long enough

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Happiness, Party of 1, your table is ready.


Lip Service

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I’m fascinated by perception.  At the moment, particularly so by appearance, and how what we choose to adorn ourselves with – our facades – says to everyone who dares, or not, to look.

According to my mother, I’m a Very Girly Girl.  A few friends here and there echo her observations; some others are naturally stylish and as such, blow me out of the water where the, let’s call them….Womanly Arts are concerned.  I consider myself middle of the road, if only because growing up in a small, isolated midwestern town didn’t offer the kind of exposure to the unreal standards for beauty I’ve experienced in city life.  There is certainly a big difference between maintaining one’s looks and being “high-maintenance” about them, but there’s no reason that the former should lack……polish.  And no matter which degree of the spectrum you fall into, making yourself up should be – if nothing else – Fun.

Today’s flavor of fun, for me, came in a tube of red lipstick.

My summer and fall are about to become chock-full of special occasions and accompanying special memories, so I decided I’d turn my appearance up a notch or five.  In the last few years, I’ve always stuck to The Natural Look.  And then came along a little show called Mad Men. How clever that a show based on advertising managed to pitch an era of suave, easy, utterly cool-tempered men and their knockout counterparts – women with a plethora of fire behind precisely painted liner and lips.  Faces that made a statement.  And oh, how I bought it.

The first veritable toe in the water came by way of a deep red dress.  I not only managed to look like a woman rather than a giant tomato, and I immediately loved the way I felt, loved my reflection.  It makes perfect sense – red is, after all, the color that sends pulses racing.  And then came my face. How on earth to achieve a face to complement that dress.  I’ve inherited my grandmother’s incredibly deep-set eyes, so anything more complicated than a single swipe of shadow, liner and mascara would be pointless. Said eyes are green tinged with blue, so a red lip was a logical option that hadn’t really crossed my mind. Yet.

As I was meandering about the cosmetics counters in Macy’s I came across one counter girl after another,  too busy re-powdering their noses to actually – gasp! – make a sale.  I resigned myself to get on with getting home, and started thinking of modern style icons with a throwback look – Scarlett Johansson, Dita VonTeese, Salma Hayek, Liv Tyler. Interest? Piqued. At the last counter I passed, a salesgirl happened to capitalize on the curiosity written across my face.  I noticed the counter was Dior, a go-to brand for me when finances allow.  As soon as I uttered the words “red dress” and “wedding”, the salesgirl was off to the races. Some liner, lipstick and gloss later, I found myself wearing a Very Red pout.  A statement.  Appropriately, the shade of lipstick chosen for me is named “Scarlet Siren”.  Though I have yet to go back and buy that cosmetic trifecta, that statement was a very loud, very clear Yes.

From the time I walked out of Macy’s and all the way through my front door, I had a swagger in my step.  The adrenaline of stepping outside a comfort zone, with the added bonus of the look-at-me, you-want-this-but-can’t-have-it factor.

The secret, or rather, the beauty of it all – pun very much intended -, was I had It. I can’t wait to see where this leads me to next.